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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My SwEet EupHoniOuS :D


Last night marked the history of me as a Euphonious-an (I always see people put -an to represent ur from a community or something like that). I am officially completed my job as a Eupho 10 committee. Yerp2 u heard it right, committee, not hicom or ex-officio or advisor or common people. Well lot of my frenz ask me (of coz in a sarcastic manner) like "why u still menyibuk" or "jadi kuli jek?". Well, I have my own opinion for that. first of all I already become hicom two times (APD and Ex-officio). Second, become hicom means need to work hard, well im quite lazy this sem :P Third, if me still above there, then how people down there want to climb right? Cannot always be on top. When u reached the top, u must know when u need to go back down . . . . as a legend? Wkakakaka I think my name can be put in Hall of Fame of Eupho already :P OK cut the crap.

Well, after Eupho finished, I took my time to think back bout my old time working with Eupho. Yeah, I work from Eupho 07 until Eupho 10. I served for 4 Pd's. All of them are having their own style and charismatic. I won't compare them as all of them is my friends. But one thing I believe is they all has perform a great job :) So please give a clap to Joshua (Eupho 07 PD), Munir (Eupho 08 PD), Yoke Mun (Eupho 09 PD) and Johnny (Eupho 10 PD) *clap clap clap*. Now I would like to share with u my journey with euphonious from before till now . . . . Ok who care u want to read or not hahaha :P

Euphonious 07

This is the beginning of my journey as a Euphonious-an. I really noob on this. That time me and Mei Le still in our shock mood due to resignation of our head and assistant head of ICC digital media department. As a junior, without a good technical knowledge, been asked to join Eupho to help them in term of technical things, I felt grateful to have my senior, Munir to help us. In fact he is the one that do almost all the things. First time learn properly how to handle lighting in CH, how to control video camera, how to borrow equipment and so on. Everything is first time here. Well I do learn few during Star Search and CNY 07 time but Eupho is when I really applied all those thing while gaining new knowledge. That time I still young, cannot think wisely and not really matured. See Rakan Masjid opposed the event, I always think want to go to debate and argue with them. Even logistic department that time also I marah them during post mortem since they make us do their work. That time my mind thinks more to "show who is the best" rather than "discuss to come out with solution for next time". But that time still young, so I forgive my self for that hehehe. And eupho 07 witnessed my first time went to mamak.

My first Eupho tag :) still young eh that time :P

Euphonious 08

My senior Munir has been promoted to become the PD for the event. That time they put me as Digital Media head. Then i changed the name to Digimon department. Well I thought just to make fun of it but some how the name fit the event. Until today we all can call each other "hey digimon guy" or "digimon digimon please do bla bla bla". When the event going to start it first step, one of the APD become a student exchange to America. Thanks to him, I have been promoted to become new APD. I am so happy, coz at least I can join my other friends for hicom meeting (Munir, Yoke Mun, Mei Le, Kee Siong and Vern). I have 3 HOD work under me, Richard (Digimon), Alan (Log) and Sharon (C&P). It kind of challenging to have Alan and Sharon to follow my instruction as they are seniors but thanks to them coz listening to me and follow my lead without any complaint. Well actually pity them need to work under me ahahah sorry guys. That time i matured a bit. When Rakan Masjid opposed the event, I can still kept my patient and having a nice meeting with them (rather than go kick their ass or what). This Eupho I think have the best Euphonious t-shirt. No heart feeling for other eupho :P

Me with our first "Digimon" department :P
Back : Wendy, Christine, Ami, Evelyn, Azmi
Front : Richard, Me, Wei Han, Ratana

Euphonious 09

I have been selected as Eupho PD. Well, since I am ICC Vice President, I don't think I can balance my job (I am really terrible with my time management). Plus, I think people prefer my friend, Yoke Mun as a PD. So I reject the offer and consult Yoke Mun to become PD. She agreed if and only if I become the ex-officio. Well she also busy with her ED-X that time. So with a win-win situation, both of us agreed with our post. The best Eupho that I have, not because of the event or what, because of the committee. Almost all of them come from my batch and the hicom all is from my batch (Me, Yoke Mun, Edgar, Liyana, Chang Hua, Tania and Mei Fang). From this event I am starting to know more bout my junior like Johnny (very nice guy, always smile one), Tay Chuang Hee (he still single please help him), Hui Shiong (same age with me act, very small cute girl :P ), KC (think he is quiet guy? ya right hahaha) Molly (did I need to introduce her? :P) and few more. Everything went smoothly thx to the Hicom , HOD and committee, making me x really busy like previous Eupho :P Rakan Masjid? Well I do meet them but this time they were not like before. They opposed it in more professional way. That time I can think with more open minded, and understand that they have something that they wanted to protect. Well I never hate them actually, it kind of cute to have this kind of culture :D The event of course run well with a little bit of controversy. But who care? we have BUNKFACE with us!!! I don't even know them till only after I watch their performance. They are really rocks!!! And this is the first eupho having it first sold out ticket :D Good promotion from PNP and hard work from Kuo Chun as ticketing head and his department. Of course all the committee help too :D I love the after event since the party after event is at Moven Peak!!!

Me with my Eupho 09 Hicom~!
Stand : Liyana, Tania, Yoke Mun, Mei Fang
Sit : Chang Hua, Me, Edgar

Euphonious 10

This is my last Eupho that I can contribute my knowledge, experience, help and lame jokes for the event. Johnny ask me to help him for the event. I promise him by joining the committee list. Well, this is the time that I should play rather than doing hard job right? Haha. Need to say thanks to My HOD, Yu Han coz accept me as committee. Well dude, seriously I scared of u during interview. I thought u wanted to marah me coz I simply busy body want to join the event hahaha. This eupho, Johnny asked me a lot of advice coz he believe that my advice can help in his decision making process. He always ask me to join meeting to give support. Well Johnny, I do want to apologize to u since some of it (or almost all) of the advice I gave u is full with crap. And with lame jokes from me, it do wasted a lot of ur time. Please forgive me and I hope u x marah me. This eupho, I enjoy a lot of happy and funny moments with my department. Especially the process of making the montage. Well honestly our montage is the best!!! I enjoyed the moment in control room coz Medtech and ITMS this time really helped us a lot. Me and Yu Han can enjoy MingoMingo ice cream during our working hour and sorry to Edmund coz u need to work alone that time hehehe. And Jun Li, thx for the box of Revive drink in control room :P . . . . Oh sorry to Jonathan and Eddie too, I think I bully u guys to much ler, using "senior junior" term hahaha u guys know im joking right? :P Overall the event went smoothly without any controversy. Rakan Masjid also have a nice meeting with us this time, no hard feeling between both parties and I really like it :D Opposing each others only shows how stupid are we UTPian to outside world right? Having an understanding of each others is better :D At first it is a little bit hard to get along with all of u since only me final year student in committee. I admit a little bit lonely (cewah sungguh jiwang the feeling) coz none of my batch people there but thx to all of u that still willing (im not sure by force or what) to chat and work with me :D Well still curious on how the party after event will look alike. Mr. Johnny please bring us committee to nice nice place with good good food okie? :D . . . owh one thing, to juniors all from the event, nice to meet u guys again and please don't call me Abang or what when we meet each other next time. I'll kick ur ass :)

With latest digimon department
Edmund, Ryan, Me, Jonathan, Eddie and Mitchel (Ritchie and Yu Han not in the pic, wat la haha)

. . . and thats all about my life with Euphonious. I don't think I can join this event after this, even as an audience. I cannot enjoy Euphonious by sit and watch because I prefer to watch as a committee. The feeling of watching the successful event from your hardwork, effort, sweat, blood, tears (ok that one is over, no tears and blood hahaha), I mean from all of that really can't be described by word. Seriously I will miss this event a lot. 4 times of Eupho, just how much experience that I get? I'm facing 4 times of Eupho sweet and bitter memory!!! Just how lucky I am!!! :D Well, I learned a lot of things, meet a lot of people, facing a lot of trouble and fun, but one thing that I appreciate the most from this event is . . . .

I am making a lot of new friends, thanks to all of you :)

Well I guess this time it is a real good bye Mr. Eupho :)

V5E 3.1.5


firechrome said...

kof kof kof

aku terasa tua.

edmundsoon said...


e said...

gud bye senior... hv a nice life. u have the most entertaining voice hahaha

shinda88 said...

Munir : wkakaka terasa tua mende abang dh confirm cop tua kut hahahah

Edmund : mana ada emo, enjoy enjoy

e : demmit say goodbye to me dy? next sem I still here arghh >_<""

Unknown said...

hahahah! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! i miss you already eyhh.. how?

shinda88 said...

demmit i know ur gay one . . no wonder that day show u that pretty girl u dont want to see . . hahahah

edmundsoon said...

hahah, ehh that girl number u got take?? btw the picture of u very funny la...hahah

shinda88 said...

haha mana berani ambik . . . aiyerr which picture i look funny? . . btw all my picture look funny hahaha

Unknown said...

hahaha.. which girl?? xD aiyooo.. i spotted the RM50 girl le.. hehehehe..

shinda88 said...

haahahahah dem now u made me remember that rm50 girl and rm10 girl . . . wkakakakak why so kebetulan rm50 girl is pretty than rm10 girl? god fate hahahah u spot only? take some picture than upload la hahaha

Edgar said...

quote shinda:
"I don't think I can join this event after this, even as an audience. I cannot enjoy Euphonious by sit and watch because I prefer to watch as a committee."

For a change, it's actually nice to sit and enjoy the show. hehehe.. make sure ko dtg eupho '11 ah :P

Eupho is in our blood.. hahaha...

shinda88 said...

hahaha see bout that later . . . . maybe that time busy work? or x work at all? :P

but i realized something, selain eupho 08, others all full with black color t-shirt . . hahahah nasib tahun nie Johnny make the shirt white again :P

d.S.1 said...

white oso looks nice wat.. haah
legend person.. haha
we shud do 1 statue 4 u... hoho
aliff, u sponsor 1 challenge trophy..
4 d people's choice award.. haha^^

shinda88 said...

hahaha ya I think so . . tgk la macam mana . . maybe when I work dy, I might sponsor one trophy kut :P

d.S.1 said...

1 mana cukup.. sponsor every year la..


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