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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hah~! Nice KL Trip AfterAll~!


I just came back from my 5 days training. To tell the truth, I thought of saving from my claim later. But as we all know, KL filled with a lot of temptation. I hate to admit it but yeah it's true.

I plan to just sit my ass in my room for 5 days without going to KL or whatsoever. But then I realized that my tab need casing and sticker. So one the 3rd day of my training, I decided to go to Low Yatt to buy casing and sticker. It will cost me around RM500 if I buy it in Miri and only RM90 in Low Yatt.

When I reached KL from Bangi, I call my old friends, just to inform him that I'll be in KLCC for awhile. Somehow, it end up that we decided to meet for a dinner. Since we haven't meet for almost 8 months, it kind of exciting night to catch up stories with them.

The next day, again I went to KLCC. This time meeting my Chinese gang. Same as before, it's quite long didn't meet them so it's really a fun night to hangout with them. Plus I also watched New Spiderman movie at TGV KLCC. Oh I love KL cinema!!

Last day training, I managed to meet my family!! Coincidentally they all at Bangi too. Even tho our meeting is only for 2 hours, but I feel so damn happy where not only that, I also can pass the souvenir that I bought for them from Korea.

I'm wondering when can I meet they all again and have a proper hangout which include karaoke session :P


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In the end . . .


Hi readers! Miss me? I miss you all too!!

. . . . . .

Ok that sounds a lil bit bullshit, its not like I have lot of readers to act like some blogger star or whatsoever . .

But whatever it is . .

I'm back from Korea!!!!!

Dae Ha Min Guk!!!!!

It's been a super duper awesome 9 days 8 nights trip to Jeju and Seoul! I even can proudly say that I mastered in using Seoul subway train!!!!

I'll be posting about my trip, for each day there in different post. But not now, not tonight at least. Until I settle down everything, then only I will write my awesome journey there! Hope it will help some of you who interested to go there for vacation, honeymoon, wasting your money and . . . . doing plastic surgery? Lol

Can't write a lot tonight, ate too many cake just now. First time in my life I eat cake this much, not even my mom cake I eat that much.

p/s : Hope I won't vomit all those cake in the middle of the night.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friend . . .


I believe there will be a lot of situation when we need to be parted with our beloved friend. The last day, last moment, or last . . . how should I put his, last time to see their face, the memory with them will be played like a movie, which is I hope is not something like The Avengers. All those beautiful words like "don't forget me", "keep in touch", "friends forever" . . . yada yada yada "*fill your own sentence*  . . . will said during those touching moments.

But, how many of us still holding into those words? I'm wondering. I've been facing this a lot, but too bad, not many of it last long. Yeah we do contact, but . . . yeah . . . we keep in touch, but . . erm . . yeah . . . friends forever . . . errr . . . . ok no comment.

Some of you must been wondering what's the point I'm writing all of this. Is it because I'm in fight my old friends? No, so far thank God no. Suddenly I just though of some of them. Friends from primary school, boarding school, secondary school and university. Just feel funny coz you know what? The beauty of this relationship is, the one that never said those words, is the one that always stick with you and contact you, whether you like it or not. LoL

I'm happy with my life. I still contact with my primary school friends, even tho not many of them. Thanks to Facebook, at least I know what they've been up to. I still contact with my boarding school friends, my secondary school friends. In fact, last year I managed to go to my best friend wedding! We're same age and he already build his own life with his beloved wife! How cool is that?! While I'm still stuck finding the purpose of me in this world. Haha

How bout my university friend? The thing that makes me happy is almost all of them went to the same company with me! I've got some working at Kerteh, at Kota Kinabalu, in Miri and most of them at Kuala Lumpur. You can say it cover all over Malaysia! (well, at least the places where I will most probably go for a meeting).

Now I've been busy making up new friends in Miri. I tried to know more people, if can, not from my own university. Because people from my university, kind of have their pattern that I can recognized. How to explain this, something like "aah, must be from UTP" or "definitely UTP guy" or "please don't tell me we're same university, oh shit we are!". It's fine it's cool but you can say a lil bit boring. LoL

I don't even know what the heck am I typing for the past 20 minutes. I suddenly feel I want to update my blog, and suddenly this topic come to my mind. The weird part of becoming a human I guess? Duh!

I will, and hopefully will, or in fact, MUST! I mean, I will go to South Korea in the next 2 weeks. I hope my boss approve my leave, and I will have enough money to shopping there before that. Must save a lot from this month salary, spend all there and come back like a boss . . . and live like a homeless guy before next month salary. Hahahaha!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can you be serious? At least once awhile???


I've heard this a lot . . .

*be serious?

*can you be a little bit serious?

*you're aren't serious right?

*just 1 minute! only 1 minute focus and be serious!

Can I??

Well . . . nope! Hahahahaha!!

This is how I live my life *Rihanna song's mood~!

It just hard for me to do that. I know I know you all got point.

*You think management will see you as a future leader? While you're always like a kid?

*You think you can get her? She thought you like her little brother, or some weird guys!

*They'll listen to you? You're more like their subordinate you know?

Yada yada yada~!

I think, my maturity time will come soon. But not now, not this year, I'll always stuck in 19 years old age *not to mentioned my . . uhuk uhuk young face :P

I think my bosses all has given up on me, to discuss bout serious matter. Maybe they bring me into the meeting room as a clown to cheer to mood? I don't know, I just feel like that . . .

Oh heck . . . I'm gaining lot of people trust. Meets lot of wonderful people. Work still on my table. They still send me for engagement with client. Still can hangout with the person that I like.

So I guess I'm on the right track afterall?

OK seriously I have no idea what the hell I'm writing about . . . I just feel want to update my blog. Sorry I can't write more awesome thing, or with better English or grammar.

But I don't think my sorry apply to anyone, no one read this after all. My bad coz lazy to update this blog, time to time hahaha~!


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

They call me Mr. Deejay~


It's been quite awhile since I last update my blog. Well, what to do. When you become a super hot stuff, everyone want a piece of you . . . and also a piece of your money muahahah~!

I seriously got lot of things I want to complaint here!That guy, that girl, that auntie, that pakcik . . erghhhhh . .

Ok, enough with bullshitting time, share with you story bout me . .

Last time, during our GM farewell, me and my buddies here prepared him a special performance where we all act as a television host and hosted a funny show for him. At least we would like to send him with a good funny memory of SKO.

Our "own" TV show

because of that, people around me started to call me MC Are Lep.

MC Are Lep in the house~!! *with fake hair*

Sometime, when I walk around, inside elevator, they will ask me "your that emcee for that day right?" or "hey emcee, no show today?"

So what I'm trying to say here?

Recently, while promoting PETRONAS Miri Games 2012, me and again the same buddy of mine, kind of run out of idea on how to make a good soft launching for the event. After few serious discussion (which lasted for only 5 minutes), we decided not to show our face during the opening, but make it like radio live presentation.

 Radio show that lasted only for 10 minutes . . . on most likely won't have any show after this

. . . . .

Now everywhere I go, people called me Deejay Are Lep . . . . -_-"


Monday, January 16, 2012

Want to write!!


I seriously want to write lot of things right now!!! *serious face

but no time liao~! What to do? sigh...

Home (New room)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Shoes~! I didn't know how important your role is


Today, I bought my self shoes. It is a shoe for work, formal shoe in other word. Or in other other word, it is a shoe that look cool when u wear it with slack pant but weird with jeans or way weird with short pant. Ok, whatever it is, it just a working shoe, damn it!!! (Ok, swinging mood suddenly, wth).

So, back to the story, why I'm buying a new shoe today? It is because, my freakin old shoe already . . . . damage? Is that a correct word? Hahahahaha! Summary : I'm wearing a torn shoes for the past 2 days!! First day I realized it got sole, I'm using my colleague elephant glue (gam gajah . . wtf? hahaha) to put back the sole together. Second day, another hole appear which makes me think, "I work with good payment given to me, and I can't even afford a nice shoe?! Executive wearing thorn shoe?! WTF?!!!"

After work, I straight went to mall to buy a new shoe. I just realized, through out my life, all my black shoes is a Bata brand. Bata is good, I mean, for those who wanted a nice shoes with affordable price. But in term of robustness, the longest it can be in its perfect shape is like four or five months. After consulting few friends (including those who think RM300 is the cheapest price for them, damn), having my self trying few brands, in the end I choose . . .

It is my first time buying other than Bata, and it is my first time buying this kind of style with extra space on the front part that make it look sharp. Ok I still new in this kind of "shoe" thing, not sure the term or what but will learn it, by buying more shoe in the future! Hahaha~!




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