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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My first day in IRC for study week . . .


Today i started our 'geng' tradition to study at IRC (is not in utp one, if i said utp later they cn saman me if i kutuk it :P ). Why today? it shud be yesterday since study week start last week. Coz yesterday i was so busy (ya la write blog some more) and do outstation some more (yeah can see me eating at kfc batu gajah), discussion with clients (chat with lenglui ada la -_- ) and also exercise (play futsal 10 minutes then pancit for 5 minutes). So cut the crap, let see wat i did in IRC for my first day :D

As usual for 4 semester, this time also I arrive at 3pm. I just cant go there at 8am or 12pm .. i dunno . . i just cant . .arghh dont force me :P . . ok after arrive there, I go to newspaper area (for those who lazy to go to IRC, newspaper area change dy, at sofa place level G) to read newspaper first. For me, I must read it coz when u reach the top, u must make sure ur brain is fill up with 'pengetahuan semasa'. Bla bla bla all bout PAS which is I duncare at all coz i sokong goverment so i stop reading and go to Wendy's place and of coz start studying :D

I keep study n study n study until the equipment there cant tahan the "aura" from my determination of study . .then like dragon ball , Dussh!! BooM!! Chiang!!! Pang!!! the place full with destruction of my aura . . dont believe me?? here i show u :

See? even kerusi destroy with my determination aura to study

Owh i cant sit here so must change place, some where that can accept all my aura in study. So i think where shud I go. Toilet? omg tat the last place i will choose if whole world burn by fire and no place to study at all (some of u must think that wont choose toilet watever happen to this world, come one, toilet nice wat, got toilet bowl some more, and tissure and of coz mirror hehehe). Other table? how many destruction i shud do then? Later how people can get dean list? Hmphhh i keep thinking . . Rektor office? oh no I cant use our relationship as rektor and student to go there study. So i decided to go to my usual 'tempat bertapa' Haha for 3 semester i use this place to memorize and thk god this place is soo perfect for me to study. Why? coz this place got the most best aircond inside irc. and also the view from there like New york city if u good in imagination and also got food some more (well must bring one la)

I just love to memorize here!! U can talk loud some more here

Ok my brain is at the limit!! I just study toooooo much (for 45minutes only? haha) So i meet my leader the perfect score buddy, yoon yeh and taiko of the company, arunth. Ask them wat we shud do? Then they said "we shud study together . .in order to go through this whole journey of studying . . ". So now I present u the story of:

"Chronicle of Three Student - Return of the IRC War"

Heroes of the movie - o yeah ~!

So wat this movie is all about? It show u the way utp student study. How the perfect student study too maintain his good result, the smart way to study so u not wasting a single sweat for ur good damn book and how to use ur time in irc efficiency. Haha ok2 ok not movie la . . simply do one, got people believe me? omg wat a dumb . .oh no i mean so innocent? haha ok after i aggreed with ah yeh to study with him, then we pun start study la . .

First we decide on the book we're going to read, I think got 10 - 15 books? not
sure coz we too focus, then compared it with lecture note then
refer to
the text book. See perfect student, he use 4 text book in one time.
He dunno
how to sit ka? stupi . . oh no i mean wat a clever way of study :D

Then continue with our self study:

See how many book i use? Well when u reach the top dy ~! Cool right?

Just how many pen he need? omg . . no wonder 4flat every sem ~!

Totally posing one, please ignore this fella

Then things getting worst, some of us tired sitting his ass at the chair, some of us feel that moon above their eye that they need to sleep and some of us got just get to 'Hi' that cant stand their feeling to go picnic ~!

"Aaa i got apple, orange and sandwich infront of me ~!"

Since i need to use 5 books in one time, table not sufficient for me dy
(even phd student do research not like this)

Zzzzzzzz <-- when u too perfect, sleeping in irc is not a problem anymore

After awhile we think we study to much dy, even profesor not study like us. I believe wat we did today is same with 2 semester of study weeek :D Where can find student like this? I even proud to be myself :D whahaha So we decided to play around bit before we go back :D

Me?? I just soo love to spend time to take another photo, like model huh?

This fella pulak, becoming tapak kasut model -_-" perfect student style so no comment

Arunth go kacau chemi student, see pretty Cally there? aaa duncare bout her, she got bf dy :D

wOw . SeE? . So hard all of us study today. Some of us even come at 8.30am . . See this is the proof that we really study so whoever out there please dont say utp student never study n only know internet 24/7. We really study hard in order to survive in the university that full of competition.
So tomorrow must go IRC again to continue study before final exam :D Gudluck to all!!

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arunath said...

hahaha man tis one was dam u are proving to be a real good blogger hehehehe...dam funny weiii hahaha...=P

shinda88 said...

Is it?? well . .i thnk the crapping method, all 12 golden rules and 7 watever rules it is from HHCI dy applied in this blog :D . . .really help me lot to write one :D

Tka Jayhunn said...

uuu..yoon yeh sunggoh hot dlm first pic..nak ngurat

shinda88 said...

me x hot ke? i tot like i damn hot in the picture ? ><


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